Just a quick Post,

Let’s see, My day started out going to IHOP (around 2pm),then browse the local and few remaining blockbuster stores. Then went and had a soda at AppleBee’s with Nico (she forgot her┬álicense which I remind her to keep in her wallet as she hates purses), From there we went to dollar store for some Tums for her upset stomach and they didn’t have any so we retreated home. I loaded up world of warcraft and chilled while she read. Uneventful day really which was nice. Any rate the reason for this post is:

I won an award (of sorts) from the local newspaper’s online division. http://www.Charlotteobserver.com. The following reward is the following.

I received an award from the Observers online department. (It’s dinky and such but makes me feel better that someone is actually digging my stuff)

You are in the top 100 most active users on this site.

That means most replies to my posts,editorials,and such…I feel special.