Quick note with spoilers and one extra rant

21 jump street, not to bad of a movie..was nice seeing Depps character get smoked. That i’m on my feet still awake is no small miracle and lets see my a Zombie for a zombie book (think dummies guide) arrived (thanks nicole).  That’s about it except for one little rant. I am sick and tired of you people out there who say gay and lesbian marriages should not be equal like a straight person. You religious whack jobs all say the same things over and over it’s in the book. Well my answer to that is this, my post to those asshats who say the bible says this and that at charlotteobserver.com

Actually churches (or holy crutches as I call them) are just giant cults run by masters who shepherd over slaves and lemmings who use a book that has been written and rewritten more times than wars have been fought in the world. Christianity was a small to medium cult till it merged with Catholicism around the year 200 to 400 which increased its size tenfold . It was started less than 800 years before that. I’m sorry but how anyone can believe zombie jesus or some fictional being is telling them something is bad is really beyond any belief of mine or sane person. But back to true topics, Any gay or lesbian couple that wants to be married should be given the same rights. If not I hear we can bring slavery back for the blacks (hey it’s in the bible and it for centuries said it wasn’t a “bad” thing as stated in the Mormon bible and the older scriptures.) We can make women, “READ: ALL women stay home, be quiet and if they speak out beat them silent,because its not a crime in the “holy James version as women must love and OBEY no matter what. Oh and i’m sorry I can’t go on i’m just laughing myself into fits at the obscenity of the bible. Oh crap I just did another no-no I blasphemed the holy book and god..and bonus for zombie Jesus.  I’m sorry what’s next Zombie Jesus is coming in December 2012 for rapture. MUWAHA! They seriously need new stories to publish here, I usually don’t troll but dang it hoopin hallelujah brother be praised PTL , It’s like a magnet and I love tipping the cattle over their pudgy piggish ways.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/03/16/3102890/obama-opposes-amendment-one.html

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