The top 30 movies I will never download unless I own them (and misplaced them)

Ok this list was brought to my attention thanks to another for mentioning a movie they were watching.

Start from least and work our way up.

  1. The crow, I’m a Gen Xer and like it or not this movie helped define my generation. (remember glam rock was dying and we weren’t exactly all ready for Nirvana)
  2. The Godfather, Seriously one the best “guy” films ever made and yes it IS a guy thing.
  3. Who framed Roger rabbit, Come on it was the one time in history where american anime didn’t look like crappy old japan anime.
  4. Heavy Metal, Because of the chick with the rockin tits lol. Seriously a great movie with an awesome soundtrack.
  5. The Star Wars saga’s.  I’m a fanboy so yes it’s on my list
  6. Goodfellas, Hey any movie they kill little Joe pesci in is good enough for me.
  7. Casablanca, Seriously I love the old movies and it’d be higher but It felt safe here.
  8. Forrest Gump, just an all around great movie
  9. It’s a wonderful life, But Mary Mary..LOL I have always loved this movie and yes I’m secure enough to admit it makes me shed a few tears.
  10. Dragonslayer, Why not? If Hollywood made more movies like this the the whole download thing might not have been as bad as it is.
  11. White Christmas, To many reasons to name but my dad and I always start singing because we love him when the movie is mentioned around us.
  12. Saving private Ryan, My grandpa Hank was in the first wave on D-Day (off the first LCV’s) so this gave me an idea what he saw..Plus van diesel dies in the first 20 mins,
  13. Pitch Black, I like diesel seriously and this made me like him more. The man is a AD&D geek (has his old drow characters name tatted on him)
  14. Aliens (the Space marine one), That movie just rocks no questions asked..But seriously 700 years in the future and no laser weapons WTF?
  15. To kill a mockingbird, A very even in this day controversial movie..Just love movies that make you feel outraged
  16. Monty Python and search for the holy grail, Again i’m a geek and this is soo me. Vorpal Bunnies and holy hand grenades and all
  17. Hudson Hawk, It’s a ex thief thing
  18. Sin City, Because some us aren’t pretty and were always known to be fighters like merv.
  19. Groundhog day, it’s COLD OUT THERE TODAY!
  20. Stand by me, If your a guy and ever had that inner circle of friends this is def a movie for you.
  21. The lost boys, just a good all around vampire movie and a 80’s movie.
  22. Poltergeist and Poltergeist 2, Just really scary movies for their time.
  23. Army of Darkness/Evil dead series, Seriously the greatest dark horror comedy and one name Bruce Campbell
  24. Monsters inc, because when she was smaller my daughter looked like BOO and I was a big hairy guy, really I am a Tall and big guy. And she always clung to daddy.
  25. Sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-o Rama, The movie was classic cheese from the 80’s and the title alone is eye catching.
  26. Night of the demons (1988)..Angela is beckoning
  27. The blues Brothers, I know every line and song from this movie just such a great movie
  28. Phantasm 1-3. Just because Angus is one scary mother a guy.
  29. Willow, Warwick though short has always given a grand acting experience to us all.
  30. Night of the living dead trilogy (the original three). These were the corner stones for modern horror/zombie movies..Thank you George A Romero

Well there ya have it folks, I have and never will download these movies ever (well on purpose that is). There are others but this the cream of the crop


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