A blog is such an evil thing

Well how to start this thing..this letter, this blog. First off who the hell came up with the idea of the word “BLOG”. It sounds so cruel and dissatisfied, It sounds like some tech geek got pissed off and said,” Yah know what I’ll create something I can bitch and gripe about on and i’ll give it a name that says it, like Intraasshat..no wait I know “BLOG”.

Any rate this is the first in what I hope will be many. Yes I know many punctuation mistakes and grammar mistakes and for that i’m sorry. But again we come back to what this is again..”A BLOG”. So Blog off! Ok as for me, I haven’t slept very well in over two weeks, why I don’t know (when I do it’s soundly). But i’m not tired during the day when I don’t sleep. I have world of warcraft to keep me awake, Chloe is always walking by my feet wanting to be loved on..oddly enough only by me. Same with Rosa, but Rosa waits till I stand then she pounces yes our dog thinks its a cat). Let’s see what else, my daughter is coming down in just under a month for Zombie Jesus w/e. I’m actually very excited about that because her and I get into all sorts of mischief and neither of have to worry about (seriously I can crush most people w/o a thought, only if threatened) so most people just smile. Lets see I was gonna walk today (and still might) if the weather holds up (very nice outside right now but major T-storms coming) . What else, lets one of the books that Nicole bought me will be here today. Oh how I love Zombie books and Alt. history/future books.  I’m reading a book called 
The Keepers: Part 1: WWIII (Pt. I)
 by Richard Friar. I love the writing material and style but, it only takes place in another 15 years and reading it has me going urm bullshit even from me.  Oh well, Any rate i’m sitting here typing this and its like 9am almost. I am stoked I beat the game singularity on the PS3 two days ago. The game is great except for the final three endings. BTW there is no happy ending so don’t ask. Also played Raw vs Smackdown 2k11. It’s a fun game but loses my attention quickly after three matchs.

It’s a friday and to tell the truth I have no plans for today. I have put out countless applications and resumes so I’ve exhausted that area for an idea. As for a movie only if Nico is paying lol. Any rate all the good movies come out in a week or two. Speaking of which I am curious to see the the rise of the titans or what not. For one reason I love mythology and two one name…Liam Neeson. The man radiates bad ass, I mean he’s the soft spoken version of Bruce Willises, “John Mcclane”.  oh well lol I just checked out of total curiosity what started this week…Sorry kids 21 jump crack came out only and a slew of no names which look like you’ll only see if you live at Cannes or in los Angeles or San Fransico. Oh well, I might just chill out and watch TV or blog more random crap. These are the days I wish I had my old lap top, Sit in the other room and type away or hell even use a IPAD. Nicole still hasn’t got back from the bedroom as I type this. She was up for a few, complained about having a Charlie Horse and went back to bed. Any rate I do need to go out today need milk,BBQ sauce (possible wings later), and maybe a fruit drink.

Oh yeah forgot what I was here for typing wise (My rants ah yes). Well lets see what pisses me off first……Video game designers today or true lack there of. I remember in the days of NES,Sega,Coleco system, there were sooo many games coming out you’d never collect them all. Now companies are trying to make them so intricate and complex I swear these asshats forgot they were making a game. I mean I love a good challenge but look at Super mario world, Your goal was simple capture the flag by going through the board. Done but never easy, Now we goto one of my all time fav’s (hate it or not once you’ve played you are hooked) World of warcraft. I love it’s lore ask anyone. The deep history is awesome but there are sooo many quest lines now and it’s so easy to level now, They have made the game just that more useless. for example I have around 6 or 8 level 85 toons (some alliance/some horde). Back when I first started playing it I saw all the quest lines and loved them all..well except the damn duskwood quest with Sven (We walked when I was a kid damn it we didn’t have mounts yet). So I knew how Arthas had become evil and how Morrigon or however you spell his name had become corrupted by the dark crystal in Duskwood GY. So I was like yahh, Then came Wrath of the lich king, At the first it was the same, got to see the story line and loved it..but not as much as Burning crusade (I started about a month after it came out..thanks Gordon). But when Cataclysm came out, Forget about it, I never saw the water world board till after I had hit 85 twice (If done correctly w/2 instances only Hyjal can get you from 80-83 1/2). So that ended that. Then the old republic came out and I tried following its storyline..Ok take a sec to explain this, I am a HUGE Star wars fan boy. I admit it and yes I had the action figure Boba Fett..two of them (one when I was like 6 or 8 and another when I was married to my ex Wendy back in 99).  But anyhow, The storyline in TOR just sucked. It felt like a glorified scifi version of Cataclysm. I hate that, So not to long ago I fired up my SNES emulator and loaded old Chrono Trigger, I wanted to cry like a little bitch after an hour. IT has dinky (barely 16 bit) graphics and the storyline is one of the strongest ones I have ever known of next to Final fantasy 3 (whole nother story there folks). So It put me out on a hunt where to find a game with good graphics (not super which aren’t that great but acceptable), but a superb storyline. As I type this one game or four games that comes to mind is Call of Duty: black ops, world at war, Modern warfare 2 and 3. I know it’s just a FPS, but the storylines were so much more. they were indepth but not to much to have problems following. and they coincided with the game play perfectly. Ok thats my rant for that whats next?

In all honesty I have no real complaints…wait a sec..wait for it,wait for it….There’s one! Car inspections in NC, WTF is with this bullshit. All the surrounding states stopped doing this shit and we still do it. I really think we need to bring back some southern laws back into play..not those laws assholes, I mean the ones where we drag out the politicians out and tar and feather them and make them flee the state. If the cops are retarded enough to get in the way like mindless lemmings. Well Sorry hope you have a better time finding work in another state..and removing the tar. I also noticed gas is way up again..thank you Obafail, yes I pushed people to vote for you (seriously imagine having oh don’t ya know constantly on world news) . Anyhow gas is going up again and so are food prices (I mean all healthy and non). So to you farmers suffering fuck you I gave to farm aid back in the days and obviously you failed.

Lets see thats it for that observation, let’s see what else. My dad has leukemia and has been under going Kemo. for a few months now.  Its weird but as I grow older and I watch my dad getting old and with that fucking cancer (I will hate it like the hard core Nazi’s hated jews and I’ll love hating cancer as it killed my mother last year.) I feel more and more tired myself but the one thought that goes through my brain is my fathers most famous words to me. If you feel old you are, so go do something stupid that a younger person would and then let it dawn on you that just because your older you can’t be carefree about it. Oh just found out thanks to dad telling me one of the main reason my grandpa hank (he was from the black forest of Germany) fled from his home country in the late 30’s was he was actually a Nazi (any German there was pretty much one even if you didn’t want to be one). He was also an SS officer. So i’m guessing (not fully confirmed as dad won’t talk about it much) that ole Hank knew what they were doing and fled to the US (guessing around 1938 to 41) to escape the horrific crimes being committed. My fav story my dad told me of hank was when the US govt/Army came and told my Grandpa he didn’t have to join because naturalized citizens don’t have to serve under a draft. He looked at the captain and the other guy and told them quote unquote with a heavy german accent, “Fuck you i’m no German i’m a god damned American!” And with those words he signed up and went first wave to Normandy beach. My sister doesn’t want me to know that side of the family (hank was the last part from my mom’s side and he died like 5-12 years ago). My uncles on that side are dead as well, rumor has it from dad that uncle Arty did himself in and that rat bastard uncle Jimmy shot and killed hank in turn was shot to death. Who knows, Julie my sis knew my mom and her family I did not (except for like five months when I was like 5). But the thing thats creepy is when I was with grandpa hank and mom it was down in of all places  Mobile Alabama. And the one thing I remember most and yes I get teary eyed (ya assholes) is when I hear of all songs Simple man from yes lynard skynard (but the original live concert version) The part when he says my mom used to sit me down on her kneee..thats the only memory  I remember, sitting on a porch with cigarette smoke literally billowing out of the mobile home  (think gas trench warfare)and the smoke had me so sick (to this day it still makes me nauseous) that I had puked my guts out majorly. My mom had sat my on her lap cradling me (no blanket as I don’t care what time of year Alabama is always hot) and a small AM transistor radio next to us on the open air porch. She started rocking me and I remember that song started playing and I remember for one of the only times in my life feeling safe..I’ve never had that feeling again ever. Never now to think about it. I remember my mom singing it as it played and closing my eyes and wishing that I could bring my mom and dad back together (you stand in front of a judge at that age and have to make the decision who you want to be with. That’s just how things were, I had to grow up fast and I did). But I remember my grandpa Hank walking behind me asking how his grandson was and mom just kept singing. I woke up the next morning and the rest is a blank. I’d love to say I blocked the rest out but I didn’t it’s just well blank. Back to subject, As I get older and parents do as well, I look back at my life, yes I never had the new nice car’s my sister had or such. But I did have a good life so far with its many crappy speed bumps and pot holes. But I never stopped and now I don’t plan to. My mother was always known for a kind heart and a strong show of force when needed and I believe now is that time for me. My father has always been a people person (prob more than most of the nation) and I shied away from that which when I didn’t I was the eye of the storm for a party. I think it’s time I start acting like my father more (ok more loyal then he ever was and cleaner health wise). I think it is time for me to change again. I kept searching for the change and maybe I can now because it feels right.

Ok no more rants or using the “BLOG” It’s time to wake lazy ass up and go out into this world and kick some ass and burn a few people that deserve it. I’m out folks.
And remember BLOG you if you didn’t like it.

Do you think video games are harder now?


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